About Shiland Dentistry

A Clean & Safe Office

Do you ever worry about cleanliness in dental offices? We go above and beyond for you, exceeding the American Dental Association (ADA) and OSHA recommended standards for a clean and safe practice. We have a dedicated area with state-of-the-art sterilization technology, where every instrument is wrapped, disinfected, and made ready before your visit. We also sanitize each room between patients, and we use a closed water system (rather than everyday tap water). Additionally, we perform weekly spore testing with a third party infection control center. We worry about the cleanliness of our office so you’ll never have to!

Information & Accommodations

We empower you to make smart choices for your oral health and smile enhancements through information and thorough consultation, easy and accommodating financing, and comfortable facilities and care. We also make sure that we are fully informed about your medical history, current medications, and other factors that might affect your dental health and treatment.

For Your Comfort

Because every aspect of your dental experience is important to us, we have a number of amenities to make our office feel more like home. We offer complimentary refreshments and internet access in our reception area, TVs and blankets in our treatment rooms to keep you comfortable and entertained, and hot scented towels to sooth your cheeks after your appointment. You might even forget you’re at the dentist!